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Are you planning to upgrade your outdoor kitchen with a Blackstone griddle? There’s no denying that these top-notch griddles will improve your cooking, whether you’re an expert chef or just learning the ropes. But before you add one to your cart, it’s important to consider where Blackstone griddles are made and what sets them apart from other brands on the market. To help you choose the product that is best for you, we’ll examine how Blackstone stands out in terms of quality, cost, and materials utilized in this blog article.

Overview of Blackstone Griddles and their History 

For home cooks and professional chefs alike, full-size griddles and flattop cooking surfaces are their area of expertise at premier outdoor appliance manufacturer Blackstone Griddles.Since its founding in 2005, the business has grown to provide a comprehensive array of grills, fryers, smokers, pizza ovens, and other equipment to allow you prepare restaurant-quality meals outside.

Overview of Blackstone Griddles and their History 

The company is based in the USA, and all of their griddles are built with materials sourced from U.S. suppliers, meaning that when you purchase a Blackstone product, you can trust that it’s made with the highest quality standards in mind. All of the griddles are coated with a patented black powder finish to provide superior rust protection and also feature heavy-duty stainless steel burners and cold-rolled steel cooking surfaces for extra durability. 

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Where the Blackstone Griddles are Manufactured 

Blackstone Griddles are built with pride in the USA, using only locally sourced materials and components. A group of expert craftsmen hand-build each griddle, taking great care to guarantee that the caliber of every product matches their rigorous standards. Each Blackstone griddle you buy will last for years to come and serve you and your family well thanks to this attention to detail. 

Benefits of Buying a Blackstone Griddle 

There are a number of important elements you should take into account when purchasing a griddle. Quality and price points are likely at the top of your list, but it’s also important to think about where your product is made. Blackstone Griddles provide outstanding quality at an affordable price, and their dedication to using materials sourced locally means that you’ll be getting a product made to the best possible levels of craftsmanship. 

Benefits of Buying a Blackstone Griddle 

Blackstone Griddles are supported by thorough warranties and excellent customer service in addition to their high quality. As you learn about griddle cooking, their superb customer service staff can assist you with any inquiries or issues you might have. Due to this, beginning your outdoor cooking journey with confidence is simple. 

Differences Between the Various Models of Griddles Offered 

Blackstone has a large selection of griddles to meet all outdoor cooking requirements. Depending on the size and type of food you plan to cook, there is a Blackstone Griddle that will work perfectly for you. 

The griddle tops of the 36-inch model are reversible and have two independent burners, making it simple to swap between various cooking surfaces. To keep your griddle neat and tidy, it also has a side shelf, two grease trays, and an integrated back grease management system. 

The smaller 17-inch model is perfect for small spaces or when you’re hosting a backyard gathering with friends and family. It comes equipped with one burner, reversible griddle tops, and a convenient side shelf. 

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How to Care for Your Griddle to Increase its Lifespan 

Caring for your Blackstone Griddle is the key to keeping it in tip-top shape for years to come. The manufacturer advises wiping off the top of the griddle with a damp cloth and then a dry towel after each usage. This will help prevent any food residue from sticking or causing damage to the cooking surface. 

How to Care for Your Griddle to Increase its Lifespan 

It’s also a good idea to season the griddle top regularly with oil to help protect it from rust. Applying a light layer of food-grade cooking oil, such as olive or vegetable oil, will help keep your griddle in great condition and provide you with an even cook each time. 


Blackstone Griddles offer unrivaled quality and value for outdoor cooking. You can be confident that your griddle will last for many years because to a dedication to using locally sourced materials and hand-built craftsmanship. Blackstone offers a multitude of features that set their products apart from the competition, such as several types of burners, reversible griddle tops, thorough warranties, and customer service.

Consider where Blackstone griddles are created and what makes them unique from other brands on the market if you’re planning to enhance your outdoor kitchen. With their unbeatable quality and price point, it’s no wonder that so many people have chosen Blackstone Griddles for their outdoor cooking needs! 

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