About Us

Hello and welcome! My name is Souti and I am the creator of thehighcountrychama. A food blog with recipes, reviews, and advice is called thehighcountrychama. Our goal is to make it simple for you to find the greatest culinary tips and recipes. We have you covered whether you want to know what to test or are wanting to add new cookware to your rotation. Additionally, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything kitchen-related, from must-have appliances to the newest culinary trends. So enter, take a seat at our table, and let us to demonstrate what we have on the stove.


We constantly strive to be open and honest with our readers. I enjoy writing this blog, but we must find a way to use love to pay the bills or get groceries. As a result, we use affiliate links, advertisements, and other forms of revenue to keep producing content for you, our readers. I never link to a product I don’t use or endorse.